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Saturday, October 13, 2007


On Thursday afternoon in downtown Portland their was a horrible accident. A young women (Tracey Sparling) was killed while riding her bike by, of all things, a FULL cement truck. She was in her bike lane and he was in his right hand lane turning right. It turned green he turned right, she went straight. She wasn't wearing a helmet but I would think it didn't matter. It was a cement truck and a full one at that. Thursday night or Friday morning a ghost bike was locked up by the scene of the accident. I haven't heard of a ghost bike before and I find it amazing that this happens. We've all seen the crosses that families will put up where people die in auto wrecks. Portland is a odd town and we have a ton of bike riders. A lot of my friends ride bikes. I ride, when my tires arn't flat and I'm not working 70 hours a week. I love this town and I doubt I'll ever move.

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Anonymous said...

my friend austin got one too <33