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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

he fits the description

The yearly, we hate the war, protest/march went on this weekend here in Portland Oregon and when I was taking this photo I heard an odd phrase come from the mouth of a police officer. "I see someone that just walked up that fits the description". Was it me, I was 5 feet from them and I had just walked up. It must not of been because I didn't get messed with. When I first showed up I looked around to see if I liked any of the arts and crafts anti war stuff that would look pretty in photo form. When I was by the stage hearing someone yell like the sceneat the reflecting pond in Washington DC when the Mic cut out from the movie Forrest Gump. A lot of yelling and loud noises coming from the stage. I looked down at the camera settings, changed a couple things, turned around and took a crowd shot. I looked down at the view finder to see if it was close because the sun kept coming out and going away, so I had no idea if it was too dark or not. But, the guy next to me got his umbrella out and had it pointed towards me but sorta open and when I turned back again he kind of opened it quickly and closed it. Then hid behind the umbrella. He really thought I was going to take his photo. He was a jackass. I did kind of look like I worked for the police, I had my iPhone earbuds in and had a camera, dressed in all black, collared shirt and all that jazz. I laughed but he did splash water at me and made me clean my lens. I wanted to follow him but he ran off like a bitch after a guy came up and asked if it was an iPhone and said that was cool. I would of sacrificed all my photo taking to follow this guy if he had said anything to me but he of course was a chicken shit. grr.


But I really love this picture, not because of the miss spelled word. I have no idea, i just really like this photo.

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