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Sunday, April 27, 2008

You will be missed Timber Jim

A few weeks ago the so called mascot "Timber Jim" retired from the Portland Timbers. He was more of a motivational tool then a so called mascot.  Even though we have a huge super fan section 107, he was like the crazy uncle that just wanted you to keep going. I found him very interesting in an insane way. Not in a way that would make you annoyed but just the flip thing he would do. Everything is perfect, his use of a chain saw to slice away a slab of wood every time we scored a goal to his drum beating and tree climbing. But I never understood his forward hand summersault thing. He gave the team a face, a reaction, a way to do it and made everything fun. I enjoy the games, I enjoy hanging with friends and getting excited about a team like I did in high school. I don't know if the new guy will cut it or not but I would of gave a game of rest. 

Why bring in the replacement in the next game. We don't really need anyone to lead a chant, we have enough crazy hipsters to do that. I never understood that about sports, you gave the guy a half time lovefest. He received his game tickets for life and team autographed jersey. But giving us the one game off with no one would of been sweet. I don't know if he was at the game or not and it's not that big of a deal but I think the section 107 would of done just fine with a logger cutting wood for one game.

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