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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

chance of rain

I have no idea what is going on in "Portland's Living Room" but it really makes the brick work stand out. Usually this is a really boring area with a bunch of street kids smoking broken cigarettes. I was in a hurry though, this crazy guy was talking loud in my direction and I was affraid that if I didn't keep walking that I would have paper to throw away or change leaving my pockets.
I was on my way to either Oceans 13 or Spiderman 3. It all depended on what time I was able to walk down to the theatre. Of course when I got there I forgot which theatre was for which time. So when I decided to walk back 4 blocks to the theatre showing Spiderman 3 because it would be starting sooner, I was wrong and had to wait an extra 30 minutes on top of being 30 minutes early.
I decided to walk to the "first" Nike Town two block away and when I walked into the running section the Nike guy looked at my shoes and shook his head. I felt like telling him that I would be wearing Nike but they fell apart, so I'm forced to wear my Adiddas when walking around town. I held back because, I was atleast a foot taller then he is. Maybe tomorrow I'll learn why the grass and plants and life is covering most of Pioneer Square.

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