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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A busy Tuesday

I had a really busy Tuesday this week. My laptop monitor had gone out two Saturday's ago and I finally got around to taking it in a getting it fixed. I take my computer to work but only on Saturday's for my radio show. I went on vacation the day after it broke but I have another monitor connected to it, I really like the duel monitor set up. Since I was on vacation I knew that I had a couple weeks before I would need it. I took it in the morning knowing that on Wednesday I would be going to my grandma's house to wish her a lovely 82nd birthday. I dropped it off and decided that I would go to the Zoo since it was nice and I wouldn't have a computer and the weather was amazing.

More pictures from my Zoo trip

I had fun at the Oregon Zoo. I hadn't been there in so long that it was nice to see everything. The thing that I noticed was a majority of the people there weren't speaking english. I never realized that it was such a tourist attraction. The first area that I went to was the Northwest area and the black bear area. This lady looks at the bear and commented that it was sad and wrong. I guess she didn't realize she was at a ZOO, or the fact that the bear just woke up and just walked out of it's den. After that I decided to see everything and avoid every person. I had a blast, it wasn't like I hadn't seen any of these animals before. Our Zoo isn't ground breaking.

After the Zoo I decided earlier that I wanted to go to the Portland Timbers vs AC Milan Soccer match later that night. I hadn't been to one in a while and usually they are on Saturday, which I work that night. Long story short we won in a shoot out, a lot of yellow cards and one red card. It was a tough match. It helped that the area I was in was special and had food servers. Mine was hot. BONUS.

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