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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Easy does it

I have this pretty cool lomo fisheye film camera that I have a fun with. I've only taken 3 rolls of film with it. The first one I think is still the best, it was a black and white roll. I went to costco and bought a ton of normal color film thinking I would take a ton of pictures. I have for the most part but, I like the way the black and white have turned out more then the color, even though one of my best photo's with the camera has been with the color. I was amazed at how the ferris wheel turned out so I had hope that the color would be fun and exciting. I took my film in and not that many turned out to work that well and I was sad. Not so much that the photo didn't turn out the way I had planned but because the film had split and ruined a couple. So during my whole third roll I had this fear that it wouldn't turn out. I did another tour to the rose festival and ferris wheel just to try something out and see if I could make it even weirder looking. So for the next two week I would use the fisheye but not like I do my normal digital camera, where I take tons of photos. I only would take it out to see if what I thought would be cool would end up looking even better through the 170 degree fisheye. I had four or five pictures left on the roll and since I'm house/dog sitting I decided to take and extreme close up of the dog and see how that would turn out. So I clicked past 23 and clicked 24 on a 24 exposure roll and it kept going, and wouldn't rewind. So i just kept clicking and clicking and ended up with the number hitting 37. Once I decided that this wasn't turning out to well I went to the darkest room I could find so I could pop the back open. I cracked it open and it didn't seem bad but it still wouldn't rewind. I pulled the film and moved it around a little and put it back in and then it was finally ready to rewind. Since I can't see in the dark I had the door cracked open a little so I could see what I was doing even though I was on the other side hiding from the light. So I took the film in hoping atleast the older photo's would be fine since they had no exposure to light from the surgery I had done on it earlier. The whole roll sucked except two photo's. As you can see the photo of the freeway with the long exposure technique looks cool but it had no fisheye effect. Then this photo's the last in the roll to turn out I think was the best. It kind of shows a couple stages of summer, with the temp and sky with sun. Who knows everything in the world is what you think of it, and I think the world of it. Even though it's 3 or more exposures on one frame.

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