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Saturday, July 7, 2007

clouds power the world

When I think of a perfect morning it's in two different stages of course, winter and summer. Winter of course I want to wake up to a blanket of snow and during summer I want blue sky with a chance of rain. It may sound silly but a pure blue sky morning is really boring. I want it to have contrast, I want a chance of thunder storms. Of course this joy of the type of cloud cover only last until the point where I must walk away and get ready for work. I find it a way to survive working as much as I do. When someone asked where I had been because they hadn't seen me in awhile I told them that I never know of events with the friends, he laughed and said I was lying. I wasn't lying it's true, people think I'm a crazy workaholic. During the week I can say that is true but I still make time for things. The major thing that gets me through all this is the perfect morning sunrise.

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