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Friday, July 20, 2007

What do you mean I haven't posted in almost a month

It's amazing how fast time can go by without noticing it. When i get in psycho work mode when someone goes on vacation it seems to be even worse. Along with me not really seeing daylight my picture taking goes into the shitter. Not to the point that I take bad pictures (ego) but they all seem to be either from the cell phone, in my apartment or takin from a window in my apartment. I seem to still take interesting photo's but my toy collection gets all the glory.

So in the last month I got an iPhone. It truley is the greatest SuperPhone ever made.

I finally put sheets on my bed so I could sleep on it and not on my couch, woke up at 4:58 and could see one of the best sunrises facing the northern direction that I could ever see.

We had a sink hole unearth itself when someone hit a fire hydrant on a major road, me only having my iPhone were on the scene...I missed the last great sink hole that had a full dump truck stuck inside. I didn't want to miss this one even if it was boring.

I went to the movie TRANSFORMERS, which made me search for a Optimus Prime toy for my very own.

And Finally now that Optimus Prime is in my collection I took my Superman and Bizzarro Superman out of the packaging so they also could hang out with the rest of the crew.

I hope that now that my job is not psycho next week that i'll be able to take some photo's of the outside world, or I'll lie and just post the photo's I took from the Blue Music Festival if it rains!

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