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Saturday, August 4, 2007

from one extreme to another

The moon was moving in the right direction when it would rise over the horizon in the west. It's amazing, it rises in a different location and 20 minutes later each day. After watching it rise 3 days in a row and seeing some amazing hazy smog filled color of orange, I decided to get the most epic photo from the roof of my building

On the 3rd day of watching I wanted to try out my lensbaby lens and see what would happen.

You can call Portland Hollywood because we are full of stars

So the next day I got to the roof of my apartment guessing it would be in the most "Epic" of locations. I was almost right. It almost came up right behind Mt. Hood. It was just off to the south by a tad.

the moon is comin' around the mountain when it comes

I don't know how it would of turned out but I can only imagine that it would of been the best picture ever taken by anyone one ever. ha ha ha

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