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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yes, if forced people do swim in it

Today, Sunday September 2nd 2007 people swam in the Willamete River. It was the first if what I hope is many Portland Triathlons. It was an Olympic distance triathlon which is in no way an Ironman Triathlon. Those people are amazing. This was fun, saw some people I didn't know were going to be there and had a good time. The scary thing is almost 300,000 gallons of sewage was dumped into the river by "accident" on friday and it was heathly enough to swim in by Sunday. My question is if was an accident, the person who made the mistake was he/she fired? 300,000 gallons of sewage seems really really bad.


Anonymous said...

Good pix. The water was delicious- much cleaner tasting than Blue Lake, at least.

Luana said...

Great work.