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Friday, August 1, 2008

up hill both ways, in the snow

Old Time

I sometimes wish I grew up on a farm. So I could of had odd farm stories to tell. Maybe the time the cow got out or that accident with the combine. Not really. I live downtown for a reason. Even my girlfriend loves being this close to town and she lives few blocks outside of downtown. I sometimes have to house/dog sit for my parents who live 20 ish miles outside the city and I can't take it. I love driving very little and being around everything. Even though I love driving. I think the thought of me growing up on a farm has something to do with Clark Kent at the Kent farm. Either way, this farm house is 15 miles outside the city, 20 feet from the major freeway "I-5" So it's not really outside the city, I could do this. But not really, My allergies would go insane.

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