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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The City That Shines

the city that shines

It doesn't take long before you miss a great thing. Do you start to miss what you have but what you will not? Next year the GF and I will be living together but not in my apartment. The apartment with the killer view, the killer roof and the killer view. I'm ok with it but I will miss the great sunrise view that I do have. The perfect height, the perfect depth into downtown and of course in the perfect city. I think moving will make me a better photographer. It doesn't take much on a regular basis to roll out of bed and take a photo. It's like camping in the perfect spot 365 days a year and having the option to try something new every day. I'm ready to move to a different location, a location that will make me think and prepare for the conditions of the day. Until then I'm going to enjoy every morning out my window in our perfect city.

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