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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Project Jello

Project Jello

I have all my grandma's slides numbers reaching around 1700 of them. I have scanned however 300 plus so far. I plan on making her a blurb book for christmas. I know, i have had the pictures 3 years and hadn't scanned one photo until now. But when it takes 1 minute per slide it will take time and I have 6 weeks but need it ordered now.
I'll be posting a photo here and there of my favorite. This is a fav so far of the loose slides. My grandpa died before I was 9 I could of been 8. It's hard to remember. I did cry a little when I saw this because Uncle Ed is acting like a spaz. Aunt Toni is so young. Uncle John has his eyes closed. My grandma is smiling and my grandpa is alive. Then we have my mom, who seemed to be pissed in every photo. But she was an angry teenager, ha ha. But the whole family is happy and I never saw it. I'm the first grandchild. This is why I like photography. captured time, for you and your future beings.

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